Korean-American Educational Commission

Fulbright International Education Administrator Program

Fulbright Int'l Education Administrator Program


Individuals involved in supervision or management of international education activities in Korea are invited to apply for a short term program in the U.S. during May and June of 2020.

This program is intended to give Korean international education professionals guided exposure to American higher education universities and organization.

Participants will visit the United States and interact with educational and private organization personnel to become acquainted with the philosophy, organization and management of international programs. They will attend small group and individual sessions with in-country persons identified above, visit colleges/universities, government and private sector agencies and attend educational conferences when available. Participants will be responsible for making brief subject presentations in English regarding their home country jobs and responsibilities.

Participants must travel to all locations with the KAEC leader and cannot make side trips during the program though personal travel after the program is allowed. No accompanying dependents are allowed. After returning, they must be willing to be a resource person for others interested in American education and to host American IEA’s who come to Korea on a parallel program.

This award is for 2 weeks by the end of May 2020, and if the participants want, they can attend the 2020 NAFSA: International Education Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri in U.S. at their own expenses.


Grant will include air travel, lodging and a daily meal stipend. Participants must cover his own personal expense from personal funds.


The information on the Application forms are available from the KAEC website www.fulbright.or.kr. KAEC will accept completed applications only during the period of October 15 – 18, 2019. After documentary screening by specialists, those who are recommended for oral interview will be contacted to confirm the time and date of interview in English. The oral interview schedule will be announced later. Selection decisions will be announced by the end of December, 2019.


  1. Korean citizenship only. Dual citizens, overseas Korean residents or "green card" holders are not eligible..
  2. Should maintain good health, however, disable applicants are encouraged to apply.
  3. Must be currently employed full-time in administrative position with at least 1 year experience in the international education offices at a university or government agency by the beginning of the grant program. Must have the expectation of serving in the same position for at least one more year after receipt of this award.
  4. Must not have been a recipient of a U.S. government funded grant (Fulbright or other) during the past five years
  5. Adequate English language proficiency
  6. Bachelor's degree holder minimum
  7. Prefer applicants who have less previous experience in the U.S.
  8. If a candidate is transferred or assigned to a different position before the program starts, the grant will be cancelled.


All of documents required for application are only available in Korean language. Please click Korean language toggle for further details.

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