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American Grant FAQ (3)

  • How important is Korean proficiency?

    The amount of Korean proficiency required for successful communication depends on award category and the goals of individual grantees. Some grants, such as scholar awards for lecturing in American Studies, require no Korean language proficiency, while grantees involved in research may need an advanced level of proficiency to carry out their proposed projects. Some programs offer language instruction or reimbursements depending on award category. In general, grantees’ experiences in Korea become more rewarding and enjoyable with increased language proficiency.

  • Does previous experience in Korea affect the chances for receiving an award?

    For scholar lecturers, applicants without prior experience in Korea are particularly sought. Student researchers without prior experience in Korea should include intensive language study in their proposals. For other grants, the qualifications of the applicants will be considered holistically.

  • Can two awards be held at the same time?

    American grantees to Korea receive A-3 visas, which prohibit employment with other institutions or receipt of funding from other sources during the entire grant period.

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